Libertarian Values

- Peace at home & abroad

- Equality under the Law

- Privacy rights

- Rights of free Association

- Less Government- More Freedom

- Criminal Justice Reform

NC 3rd Congressional District


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1701 Rhem Ave

New Bern, NC 28560

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What Do I Stand For?

Tax & Spend

Taxes are simply your money. It's not the government's money - it was taken from you. And I support tax reductions whenever possible. But, simply reducing taxes without reducing spending is foolish and will lead to bankruptcy. We must concentrate on reducing our spending before we go broke. Our national debt is not 22 Trillion dollars and rising. This cannot continue - we are mortgaging our children's future. I will oppose spending increases at every step of the budget process - without exception. Then we can work on cutting the tax bill being passed onto us working folks.


Energy policy remains one of our most contentious subjects in American politics. If we are to have sustainable, cost-effective, energy for a the forseeable future we must begin to transition from fossil fuel energy production to nuclear. Nuclear is the only "clean" energy source we have available. I do not support the opening of more American waters to oil drilling and would support ending the permits for existing drilling platforms as they expire. I do not support seismic testing of American coastlines.

Criminal Justice Reform

Our prison systems have become flooded with human beings- American and otherwise- many of  whom are no threat to anyone. I will fight for true  criminal justice and sentencing reforms to help keep human beings who don't deserve to be in cages out of  prisons, and  to make sure we have the space, budget and manhours available in the system to keep those who are real threats safely separated from the rest of us. We have to start by changing our justice system from one of "lock them all up" to a more nuanced approach that only jails those who cannot be trusted in society. Prisons should not be used to house non-violent offenders. The prison-industrial complex is soaking billions out of the American economy and we must have both justice and sanity.

The Economy

Governments cannot create prosperity. Prosperity is a function of the health & strength of the economy and every objective economic analysis throughout history has shown the free-market capitalism is the engine of a healthy and strong economy. I will fight everyday to preserve that engine of our political economy. Only by total commitment to free-markets and to freeing those markets which are not - taxed, controlled, and regulated- can we ensure a vibrant and growing economy. Government's most pernicious effect on our economy comes in the form of taxation and spending as a percentage of GDP. We have one of the worst government spending percentages in the modern world and we are chaining down our economy to the whims of politicians. This must end.


Your property rights as a human being encompass and protect your right to dispose of that property how you see fit and to buy & sell any such property to whomever you see fit. A basic right of human beings is to engage in trade as they see fit. I support free trade across international borders and will support any legislative efforts to further free our markets and production sectors from government controls. Only the producer and consumer, wherever each may be, can best determine the prices and flow of goods and service.


America was founded on a simple promise - that here, if not anywhere else in the world we would keep a place of freedom and liberty to which all people could escape. That America would hold an open door for all humans who sought to leave the misery and oppression of the old worlds from which they came. We have lost this vision and lost our way. All human beings have an inherent right to live wherever they feel best suits them so long as they do so peacefully. I support "Ellis Island" immigration across our borders, rapid and simple information gathering about the person and a hearty welcome. I also will support amnesty for those who crossed our borders in violation of our current, unconstitutional, immigration laws.

Peace & War

For decades now we have allowed the White House to decide with whom we make war. This is a direct violation of the US Constitution and the Congress must reassert its sole authority to make war. I will support every effort to repeal the AUMF and end this "war on terror", every effort to end the wars in the Middle East and bring all US troops home, every effort to repeal the Emergency Powers Act which Presidents have been using since the 1970's to bypass the Congress and do whatever they like, whenever they like. Only you - through your Representatives - get to decide when and where we go to war.

Environmental Protection

One of the few legitimate functions of a government is the protection of the common resources for the use of all people. But the approach we have used for years is failing miserably. I support severe reduction in the mission assigned to the Federal level regulatory bodies, such as the EPA and others, into advisory capacities. The authority and power to act and protect our common resources needs to be returned to the States and communities. Only by localizing environmental protection to State courts and enforcement mechanisms can we ensure our common resources are preserved and maintained

War on Drugs

The United States currently has over 2.5 million human beings locked in cages. The vast majority of the people in those cages are there because of the war on drugs. Because we have wrongly decided that we not only have a right to tell you what you can do with, or to, your own body but that we can also lock you in a cage for doing it. This must end. We must break the cycles of poverty and misery that we have created by throwing humans in prisons and making them criminals, further deepening the cycles that are destroying the fabric of American society. I support a full end to the war on drugs, full legalization, full amnesty for drug offenses. We must have justice.

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