Libertarian Values

- Peace at home & abroad

- Equality under the Law

- Privacy rights

- Rights of free Association

- Less Government- More Freedom

- Criminal Justice Reform

NC 3rd Congressional District


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1701 Rhem Ave

New Bern, NC 28560


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Meet The Candidate

I'm Tim Harris and I am seeking your vote to represent North Carolina's 3rd Congressional District. If you are sick and tired of the same old two parties making the same old promises every election then promptly making it clear that they neither know, nor care, what you think and what concerns you, then this is your chance to vote for real change. I am the only candidate on your ballot in this special election who is dedicated to peace with all peaceful nations. I am the only candidate dedicated to achieving true, restorative justice in American, prison and criminal justice reform, and an end to the war on drugs. I am your only candidate on the ballot with a plan to get the American economy surging again - and it doesn't involve "programs" or "investment" or more taxes or laws. History has shown time and again the surest path to economic might is unchaining you, and your neighbor, your fellow citizens, from the controls of a leviathan government and letting the American people do what the American people do best - Build, grow, make, ship and sell. America was once the breadbasket of the world and I'm going to get us there again by cutting you free from the government that drags us all down. I'm going to Washington with an iron hard commitment to fighting line by line in every budget to get our spending under control - we are 22 Trillion dollars in debt and we will be bankrupt soon if we cannot get it under control.


If you want a principled, dedicated, hard-working representative who will shake things up in Washington and make it clear that here in Eastern North Carolina we expect results - we demand results - then you need look no further. Vote Tim Harris for Congress!

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